2013 Fundraiser: Sustain Local Art & Cuisine – February 2013

You’ll hear me talk a lot about Sawdust. It is certainly my extended family,
now that my Mom is gone. We’re having a fundraiser in March to raise cash to
make a movie about us, the Sawdust… Definitely watch out for that one!!
In February I made/donated 60 cups for the dinner, 10 different color patterns, using a
post-dip process that I learned with my first Master, John Barber.tumbler bluegreentumbler


Photo credit: Mary Hurlbut

They looked awesome on the table!


Photo credit: Mary Hurlbut



Pinch Me – December 2012

pinch me!My friend conceived an idea to gift her entire family with a set of Pinch Me’s. What is a Pinch Me you ask? It is my version of a vintage cup first made by Blenko Glass out of West Virginia.   pinch1 I was kind of clueless to start but it turned into a wonderful challenge, all 80 of them! They ended up on the Christmas Dinner Table as place cards and then everyone took them home. As always, high praise to my teacher and assistant, Gara!muffinblenko


 Love, Muffin